Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday Two-Ways Chicken

Back in February before I signed up for culinary school, I took a tour of the school I am in now, and I remember walking into a kitchen classroom that was in attendance and thinking that would be the ONE class that was going to kick my butt. Well, tonight, I realized that I am in that class now! I remember the whiteboard with the serving times, and the little table that chef sits at where we serve him our dishes. I remember watching a student serve his plate to his chef instructor, and how flustered and hurried he was. And I remember watching the teamwork in action, and the give and take from the chef. And thinking how difficult that was going to be, and that it seemed so very far away. But I am there now, and it's not as difficult as I thought it would be. I still have a bit of nervousness around the whole "serving time" thing, but that's really it. I almost feel like I am forgetting something, because I keep thinking that I should be more concerned, or that this should be more difficult. But I am glad that I am not struggling with this new class....well, at least for now!

Tonight went really pretty well. We made two dishes, chicken two-ways. Last night we did all the butchery of the whole chicken, so tonight we had our Airline chicken breast, and a boneless and skinless breast prepped and ready to go. We still had a ton of work to do with all of the sides, sauces, and garnishes. But everything came together beautifully, and I could have only done better by 1/2 point by adding more salt. And I made the chef laugh, which is nice that we are getting a bit more familiar with each other. So tonight we had: Plate 1 - Chicken Ballotine Grandmer with pan sauce, mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies. Plate 2 - Grilled Chicken with Massor Dal, and Fruit Salsa. Enjoy!

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