Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beef Stew, and what's that smell...

Tonight was the second class of Culinary Foundations III at CCA. We are in a new kitchen, which btw I have to say again, ( I already told my chef and classmates), that I do not like this kitchen. It is set up oddly, does not have a good flow, and what was that smell in the walk-in?!? It just lingers in your nostrils, not nice! 

But it was a darn easy night, and we got to leave early. Any night that we get to leave when there is still light outside is just awesome. But it will likely never happen again so we gladly took it. It was a relaxed night because all we had to make was a stew. And since we already made a lamb stew twice (once was for our final), making tonight's beef stew was a walk in the park. We were originally supposed to make something different, but somehow our ingredients order got mixed up so we were left with stew. We also had to make a veal stock though, so at least there was that. Ok, here is tonight's dish: Beef Stew with Cocotte Potatoes. Enjoy!

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