Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Mussels, and Sole of a New Chef

It's Friday, oh wait, it's now actually Saturday morning. But it finally feels like Friday to me, with the short holiday week, today never felt like Friday, until tonight when I got home from class, and was able to unwind from an intense night of school with a glass of wine. Tonight's class was intense for two reasons. One, it was the first night of this new class in which we were to produce two complete dishes in under two hours. In fact, we have an alloted time in which we are to serve our plates to chef. Anything over the span of the 5 minute allotment and we are docked points. That's a protein, vegetable, starch, sauce, and garnish for each plate. Second, we have a new chef instructor! As of last night (not much warning there!), we got word that our now former chef instructor was being pulled from our class in order to tend to another class because another chef instructor's wife went into labor, and that chef apparently did not notify the school that he was planning on taking the next 5 weeks off.

So lucky us! Just as we had gotten used to, and comfortable with our last chef, we get a culinary curveball and thrown a new chef. I'm not actually complaining here, as it is the name of any game. But walking in to class tonight, I had no idea what to expect. Culinary school is a funny thing. There's a lot of ego going around, and being a woman in the mix can be intimidating. But that's not what bothers me, it's more about me and making sure that I am able to do my best. Being a woman, I am a planner. And so I don't necessarily like walking into the unknown. But it happens, and it happened tonight. I arrived to class early, and before I know it, this new chef, who has not introduced himself, is fluttering about the kitchen almost yelling and barking at us. I was not happy. I decide to just do what I need to do, and before I know it, the mood has lifted and chef is now bouncing around and laughing and making odd little jokes. So by the end of the class, I think I like him. I think we will learn a lot from him. I think he is going to certainly keep us in check, keep us learning, and laughing, and of course make our lives a living you know what for the next 5 weeks, but I am looking forward to it!

Tonight we made the following: Plate 1 - Fillet of Sole with Lemon Beurre Blanc, Farrotto with Parmesan, and Tomato Provencal. Plate 2 - Steamed Mussels over homemade Fettucini. Enjoy!

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