Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Last Supper, The Remix!!

I thought the title of this post would be more about appropriate about it being our "Last Supper", as last night was our actual last night of Culinary Foundations III. And we feasted, after we tested. We took two written finals, about 100 questions on all of the meat cuts, meat classifications, market types, vocabulary, etc. And then we got to cook for fun. It was seafood madness! Chef brought a ton of seafood for us, there was lobster, mussels, oysters, clams, scallops, salmon, and probably some other things I didn't recognize. We got one last Chef Dan demo, in which he showed us how to open oysters, clams, and how to, um, kill, a lobster. And with all this seafood, we made Cioppino! What is Cioppino you ask?? I had to ask Chef Dan too, it's basically a fish stew, that originated in San Francisco. Seems very appropriate, as we also had some sourdough baguette bread, which is fantastic soaked in the juices of the Cioppino. Last nights demo was a little more interactive as we were just cooking for the fun of it. So there was a moment when we needed to put the lobster  legs into the boiling water, and I just happened to be closest to both the lobster legs and the stoves. I went to grab the lobster, but had a quick thought of "ew, I don't want to touch it", but I'm not really that much of a girl!! So, kind of as a joke, I reached for the tongs and acted like I was going to try to pick them up with the tongs, and everyone in class laughed at me! I was only kidding guys!! Well, sort of. Lol! Isn't it funny how sometimes we can still be so squeamish about touching things. 

So as a class, we made this gorgeous dish of Cioppino. And, as it was our amazing Chef Dan's last day at the school, we wanted to do something special to celebrate the day. One of my classmates made a Philipino dish of fried bananas, yummy! And earlier in the day I made some raspberry champagne cupcakes. And as usual, I had real trouble making the butter cream frosting. I don't know why I even attempted it. I made two batches because the first one was crap. The second looked beautiful, but it was just so sugary. So I'm really hoping that we learn about frostings in our next class.....I will keep you posted!

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