Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blind Baking a Blueberry Pie...

This week in Baking & Pastry we are working on non-yeasted doughs, which use only natural leveners such as eggs and butter...LOTS of eggs and butter! There are 3 categories of non-yeasted doughs: Pate Brisee, (Pie Dough), Pate Sucree, (Short Dough), and Pate a Choux, which translates as Cabbage Dough. Not sure how it got the name but it definitely does not contain cabbage! 

And yes, you guessed it, on the menu this week is PIE! We had two options for a fruit filling for our pies, blueberry or apple, and of course I chose blueberry. And yes, we did actually "blind bake" the pies....ok well not really as you might think. Blind Baking is a baking term that actually means that you par bake the dough before you add the filling, then add the filling and finish it in the oven. And I could not have been happier with how my blueberry pie came out, it is gorgeous, and I think it was the best tasting blueberry pie I have eaten!

Also on the menu this week was Quiche au Fromage and a Lemon Curd Tart with Swiss Meringue, both using the Pate Sucree. At first I was not too excited about the quiche, as quiche was never something I have really enjoyed. But I realize now that I had just never had a well made quiche, because my quiche is absolutely delicious! And it was so very simple to make. We made the Pate Sucree last Friday and it spent the weekend in the walk-in, so tonight we just had to mise, put it all together and bake it until it is a golden brown and jiggles like jello. I am definitely looking forward to this for breakfast tomorrow!

After baking off our quiche tonight, we fully baked the second portion of our Pate Sucree for the Lemon Curd Tarts. We got our mise together, and blanchired the eggs and sugar, added some lemon juice and zest, finished with butter, and put the lemon curd into the freezer to set. At this point we decided we needed to leave the Swiss Meringue for tomorrow as we did not have enough time, so we have that to look forward to for my next posting. Also tomorrow we will be making the Pate a Choux, I am curious to see what exactly it is and what we will do with it....

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