Monday, August 1, 2011

Ding! Ding! Not Breakfast Sausage is ready!

So let's go back in time to last Friday night, when it was Sausage Madness night in class. And "madness" it certainly was....I think we drove Chef Dan mad because we clearly had no idea what we were all doing! I heard a number of times "You guys are driving me crazy!!" We made fresh sausage though! However, we were supposed to make two kinds of sausage, an Italian Sausage and also a Breakfast Sausage. Unfortunately the breakfast sausage didn't make it.
Chef Dan gave us a demo on how sausage is made, and the whole process is quite interesting, it's also pretty interesting to watch. For anyone not ever seen sausage being made, (don't worry it's not gross), but it's very sexual, with the casing and how the meat gets fed into the casing. You get the idea. Chef did give us a warning in that there is usually some drama around the whole thing, especially when you notice that the machine that feeds the meat into the casing is actually by a company called Dick. Go figure. And who would have guessed it, but the guys in class suddenly turned into 10 year old boys and couldn't stop giggling the entire time. Yes, go figure!!

So we had a ton of Italian sausage to make with our two dishes tonight. And all the other menu items were all fairly simple, except for one thing....eggs. I thought I could cook eggs just fine, until I got into culinary school. I think my, (and most of the rest of my class), worst night in school so far has been the night we made eggs. I think I went through about 30 eggs. We made fried eggs, over easy eggs, French omelettes, and poached eggs. The hardest one for me was the....well, all of them except the poached egg. And tonight we were to make our choice of either 2 eggs over easy, or a 2 egg French omelette. I chose the omelette for tonight. Other than that, everything went really well and fine, and my scary French omelette came out pretty darned nice! And any night that we get to make hashed brown potatoes is a great night in my book!

Plate 1 - Mild Italian Sausage, Tomato Sauce, Cheesy Polenta, Sauteed Peppers, and Grilled Corn. Plate 2 - What Would Have Been Breakfast Sausage, French Omelette, Mushroom Supreme Sauce, Roesti Potato, and Fresh Fruit. Enjoy!

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