Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fresh to Death Basil Pesto

Handmade Ravioli with Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts
I've had these amazing little handmade ravioli's, stuffed with a mushroom and roasted garlic filling, hibernating in my freezer for a few weeks now. And with a bunch of fresh basil sitting on my counter, it was due time for the ravioli's to come out of their slumber, and the fresh basil to be whizzed up and made into a gorgeous pesto sauce.

And I tried something new with my basil recently. You see, I have always had trouble keeping basil fresh. I mean, basil is always cool, like....Can't stop, won't stop, Rockafella Records, Cause we get down baby, We get down baby, the girls the girls they love us, Cause we stay fresh to death, We the best, Nothing less!

Anyway, getting back to basil...I wanted to share with you that I found a great way to keep your basil, um, fresh. So that it doesn't turn brown overnight in your fridge. You basically want to do this....

....make it look like you are trying to suffocate your basil by putting a plastic bag over its head. No seriously, get a plastic bag, trim the ends off the stems of the basil, fill a glass or jar with water, put the basil in the jar, and cover the top with the bag. Make sure that the bottom of the bag is left open. This way the gases are allowed to be released from your basil, while keeping moisture in. This basil had been sitting on my counter here like this for about 2 weeks. Word.

And in case you aren't familiar, making your own pesto sauce is incredibly easy. You basically do this...
Take your basil leaves, about a handful or so, and maybe 2 cloves of garlic, plus or minus about 1/4 cup of parmesan (or parmesan-reggiano as I used here), give or take a small handful of pine nuts, a pinch or so of salt, and a dash of already know that I don't exactly measure things so just play along here....and then you throw it all in a food processor. If you don't have a food processor, I recommend you get one. Or forget about this and go out and buy some pesto.

Ok, then you turn ON the food processor, with the lid on of course, and start to slowly add oil. How much oil? Well, until your pesto is at desired consistency, of course. It's not science. It's food. Make it to your liking.

Oh, and it's generally best not to use only extra virgin olive oil. It is actually best to use part EVOO, and the other part a blend (such as canola/olive oil). Using only EVOO can make your food taste bitter. So never feel that you absolutely have to use strictly EVOO. It is not a magic ingredient, it can actually take away from your food.

Here is how I like my pesto, sitting pretty and shining in the afternoon sun...
And here is how I like my little rad handmade ravioli's, with the mushroom, spinach, and roasted garlic filling. All smothered in a fresh to death we the best nothing less basil pesto sauce. Cause we get down baby, we get down!


  1. I love pesto! Looks like I'll have to get a food processor!

  2. I have a great idea! Let's make a trade, a bottle of pesto for a bottle of your Carlotta Rose :)